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Chances are if you are reading this, you or someone close to you has just received their license.

This means, congratulations are in order. The lucky person who has just received their license has finally entered the amazing world of driving.

 For anyone this time in life can be extremely exciting. A new sense of freedom would make anyone excited. However, along with this sense of freedom also comes responsibility. On every new drivers plate is now a mix of car safety, road rules and proper car care.


Did you know, the average age for new licensees nationwide is just 19?

In fact, many new drivers are still in high school. We all know what it is like to be a teenager in high school. They have so many things on their mind, homework, sports practice, friends, dating and more. The last thing they have on their mind is car safety and care. Actually, since they have just spent their entire lives having someone else drive them around; they probably have not learned much about car responsibility. Up until now, car responsibility has not been their problem. All this newfound responsibility can be an extreme learning curve for all new drivers and their loved ones.

This learning curve can leave new drivers stressed and loved ones worrying. But, the fact of the matter is, stress and worrying only make the situation harder. That is why it is important to inform and teach about car responsibility and safety. Teaching about car responsibility and safety will help alleviate the stress and worries of this new learning curve. As part of this teaching process it is important to prepare all new driver’s cars with everything they may need to be safe while driving.


For everyone’s driving safety, especially new drivers, preparing a car before hitting the road is a must.

When looking to prepare a car for driving success it is critical to get it ready for all weather elements. A sudden rain shower, snowstorm or extreme driving conditions may arise unexpectedly. This unexpected change in driving conditions can easily take a driver by surprise. By preparing a car for sudden weather elements a driver can quickly and safely handle all situations.

To get a car ready for all kinds of weather it is necessary to pay close attention to things like tires and wipers. Tires are what help cars stick to the road and seamlessly navigate obstacles. Be sure that a new driver’s car has proper tires that are suited for the current season. Windshield wipers ensure all drivers visibility of the road. When checking wiper blades make sure they are well fitted and correctly working. The use of durable windshield wiper blades will greatly increase their ability to preform. Preparing for all weather conditions with appropriate tires and wipers will reduce the chances of any kind of accident.

However, it is always good to prepare in case of an accident or the need for roadside assistance. Unforeseen incidents happen to nearly everyone. For example flat tires, running out of gas, medical emergencies and so on. In such times the best thing to have on hand is a car powered cell phone charger. If a driver needs to contact someone for help the last thing they want is a dead phone.  Having the ability to always get in touch with someone will assure everyone feels extra comfortable and safe while on the road. Just make sure to discuss safe cell phone use while driving and laws.

Speaking of feeling comfortable and safe while on the road, preparing the interior of a car should be on the top of the list. Not only does covering seats and the steering wheel assist in preserving the resale value of a car, it prevents distraction and adds to overall safety. Seat covers are great for easy clean up of mess and protecting original seats from damage. They are also wonderful for older cars that have worn down seats that may cause distraction. It is not good if a seat cushion takes away from a driver’s over all ability to focus. Steering wheel covers provide extra protection from wear as well as an enhanced level of grip. When making quick driving movements or decisions trusting hand placement and movement is absolutely vital.

The last thing to mention when preparing a car for new drivers safety is to always have regular car check ups and maintenance preformed. New drivers are already concerned with so many other things. There is no need for them to be concerned with the functionality of their car. 

Last but not least! Safe driving and a very happy “welcome to the open road” from us here at Custom Auto Crews!

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