Get Your Car Ready for Summer With These Simple Yet Effective Tips!

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The summer heat is already here in Southern California. We don't know about you, but we’re already blasting the A/C in our cars in 80 degree heat thinking to ourselves, what happened to Spring? Well, that's life in Southern CA for you. Luckily, we Southern Californians are always ready for summer heat (yes, even in the winter there are random hot days), so we're here to share with you how to make sure your vehicle is in shape for the scorching weather to come!

Get Your Car Ready For The Summer with These Tips!

1. Check your A/C System

You're going to need the air-conditioner in the summer months, and chances are you didn't use it much in the winter. Run the A/C for a bit to see if it still blows cold. Pay attention to any strange noises or odors. Follow the guide below to check your air-conditioner yourself, or have your mechanic inspect it. The system may need cleaning, have a leak or need to be recharged.

2. Check Wiper Blades and Fluid:

Finding the right wipers for your vehicle can be confusing. Winter, Summer, All-Weather, bracket, beam blades...the list goes on and on. Our BDK brand wiper blades make it easy with one quality model.


 If you didn't change your wipers and top off your fluid at the beginning of spring, now is the time to do it. 

Visibility is always important, and you may have used the wiper fluid often to de-ice the windshield in the winter months. Check the wiper fluid reservoir and top it off if necessary. Tip: Instead of buying overpriced fluid, you can save some cash by making your own with products you probably already have at home (bonus: and it's easy too!). See four methods on how to do this here:

Now, take a look at the wiper blades, too. Run the wipers with the fresh washer fluid and see whether or not they streak the windshield.

Need a new set? We sell reliable wiper blades in a variety of sizes here:

3. Invest in an Auto Sunshade:

Our BDK Penguin Sunshade keeps your interior cool and cool looking.

According to A/C Pro:
“The reason a car without cold air conditioning is hotter than the air around it — and hotter than a house or office without A/C — is because it really is a greenhouse on wheels. Other than the roof and support pillars, the top half of a car’s passenger compartment is mostly made of glass.”

“Glass allows sunlight to pass through freely. Once inside the car, much of the light is absorbed by the seats and dash turning it into heat. Heat does not easily pass back through glass, so it is trapped inside the car. A parked car will always end up hotter than the air around it—usually much hotter.”

Luckily, keeping a sunshade on your front windshield while parked in the sun will reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your cabin cooler. We’re not saying it won't be warm, but it will help a lot, especially protecting the material on your steering wheel and dashboard from cracking or peeling (and you won't have to sit and wait to handle your steering wheel either).

We offer many reversible sunshade styles and options, from a Beach-themed, to Camouflage, Batman and Cute Minions, we are sure to carry a style that you would be proud to show off on your vehicle! Click the link below to see all our options:

Want more protection for your ride? We also carry car covers to shield your vehicle from the sun’s rays, as well as other nuances like bird droppings and dirt and debri that can blow around and land all over your just washed car.

See our car covers here:

There you have it! Three simple yet effective ways to make sure your vehicle is ready for the summer heat and all its glory… Enjoy!

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