10 Amazing Pictures of Cars Covered in Ice

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We’ve all suffered a slip-and-fall on an icy sidewalk or even become a victim of the dreaded ice-alanche from the bottom of a cup. Fortunately, you haven’t been completely covered in it like these cars.

1. Frozen Assets

Iced cars 1

I don’t know if this family is trying to push their car out of the ice or use it as a brace, but both might be bad ideas.

2. Cold in Buffalo

Iced cars 2

The Buffalo, NY owner of this car might have to wait until spring to get unstuck. In the meantime, they might as well warm up with some classic Buffalo wings.

3. A “head” of the Game

Iced cars 3

Ice on the sunroof? No problem. Just open it up and pop through it like this guy. Problem solved!

4. Justin Time for Winter

Iced cars 4

Justin Yelen left his 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer parked outside a restaurant in Hamburg, NY because he’d been drinking too much. When he came back…well, see for yourself. The car was ice-stricken for 3 days until an auto shop was able to break it out of the ice and tow it away.

5. Chicago Ice Palace

Iced cars 5

This dreary scene happened as Chicago PD responded to a fire on a below freezing day. Behold, a Midwestern winter wonderland.

6. Dig it Out

Iced cars 6

Who would have thought there was a little VW bug under there?

7. Porsches on Ice

Iced cars 7

No matter how badly your car gets snowed in, at least your car isn’t iced over in your own garage.

8. The Icebus

Iced cars 8

If you were on this bus, your next stop might be a little late. Come back next spring.

9. Winter Wonderland

Iced cars 9

Is that lady looking for her dog? I hope not. If that car is any indication, she may have to look for an icicle that barks.

10. Safety in Snow

Iced cars 10

Do people actually drive like this? Let’s hope not. If your brush can’t reach all the snow, try using a broom.

Hopefully all these drivers learned their lesson and invested in a car cover to avoid future ice disasters. Make sure you get one too - scraping that much ice off your car is a pain!

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