Motor Trend "Deep Dish" Flex Tough Contour Liners Car Floor Mats 3 Piece - Heavy Duty 100% Odorless (3 Color)

$ 31.90 $ 45.90

Built for Durability - Thick, Heavy Duty Mats & Liners - Flexible for Floor Contours, Tough for All Weather

Get Tough with the #1 Selling Mat this Year! 
Flexible and Tough- FlexTough Tortoise mats are designed to provide maximum protection against the elements. The uniquely constructed linear and diagonal ridges are placed strategically within the deep dish of these mats to maximize its trapping capabilities. Water, snow, mud and debris are contained and will not escape or leak through into the vehicle’s interior. 

100% Odorless Formula - Safe for the Whole Family (Pets Too!) Made from high quality polymers, MotorTrend FlexTough Tortoise Mats are Odorless and Non-Toxic BPA free. Vehicles are not exposed to harmful chemicals and harsh odors.  Even in high heat with the doors closed, there is no odor, so all passengers are safe when entering the vehicle (no airing out needed)!

Big enough for trucks; trimmable for cars! Our Tortoise mats, like all our FlexTough mats, are trimmable to fit the unique design of any vehicle. Using regular household scissors, simply follow along the channels to trim away the excess outer rim of the mats to ensure a proper fit.

Trimming Tips!



Specification Detail
Backing Thick Nibbed Non-Slip Grip
Washable Easy clean up- simply remove the mats from the vehicle and rinse with water and mild soap
Variations Available in 3 colors: Black, Beige, Gray
Size (Front) Front Mats: 31.5” L x 22.5” W
Size (Rear) Rear Mats: 58” L x 18" W

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