Batman Dark Knight Rubber Floor Mats for Car 2 PC Front Pair - Heavy Duty Gear

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Batman - Dark Knight Mats

     BDK Dark Knight front floor mats are the ultimate in floor preservation and protection. Playful and fun, each mat features Dark Knight symbols, textured patterns, side ridges, nib bottoms, flexible rubber and easy trimming. Put these mats to the test, you will see they are extra tough and ready for whatever life throws at them.


     The perfect way to add a little spunk to your batmobile is to rev things up with BDK Dark Knight floor mats. This 2-piece, front floor, set is made especially for superhero enthusiasts like you. Superior floor protection combined with extra strength and a playful design will have you smiling every time you step into your car. Dark Knight mats not only amp up your cars look, they help to keep it as clean as possible.


     When you choose these mats you will be pleased to know that the bat is working to preserve your car day and night. A white bat symbol located in the center of the mat is surround by a smaller bat symbol grid pattern. To add to your defense, diamond ridges and textured patterns work together to trap everything. If you are looking for exact fit and full floor coverage look no further because each mat made for easy trimming. An add nib bottom helps to guarantee no movement or slip. “Vulcanized” rubber means extreme flexibility for stress free removal and endurance. When stretched these mats easily return to their original form. If a spill happens, have no fear because your floors are cover with BDK Dark Knight floor mats.

  • Black
  • 2 pieces
  • Dark Knight decal
  • Diamond ridges
  • Vulcanized
  • Nib bottom
  • Trimmable

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