Batman Rubber Floor Mats Car 2 PC Front Pair - Heavy Duty Gear

Vendor: BDK

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SKU: WBMT-1372

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Batman Mats - Classic Rubber

     Durability Matters - and BDK Rubber Series Mats are Built to Last! Featuring Diamond Ridges and Outer Textures to Trap Dirt, Mud, Dust and Debris for Easy Removal. Guaranteed to Refresh your Interior and Improve Resell Value! BDK Engineered Rubber Polymer - 100% Rubber "Vulcanized" to further it's natural predisposition to return to form after being stretched. BDK: the Highest Quality and Most Innovative Designs in the Market

  • Black
  • 2 pieces
  • Batman decal
  • Diamond ridges
  • Vulcanized
  • Nib bottom
  • Trimmable

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