Red Ladybug Front Car Seat Covers - Cute Accents on Black Polyester Cloth

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BDK Design Seat Covers

Original Cloth Embroidered Art

Easy Installation (Instructions and Clip/Hooks Included)

Reinforced Foam Padding Provides Added Comfort

Made from durable Anti-fading coloring fabric with padding for extra comfort 

Enjoy this adorable Lady Bug beautifully designed set while protecting your vehicle against spill, stains, dirt and other debris.

Hassle-free installation

The knitted velour is crafted seamlessly to create a stretchy and strong fabric, which is soft to the touch and comfortable for the rider. This rich feel is backed with foam padding to provide enhanced comfort all while riding in style.

 This set is easily fitted for standard seats and lined with foam padding for that extra cushion comfort.

BDK Original Design Seat Covers. Premium quality and durable material. The BDK AUTO Seat Cover features innovative fabric and design for both fashion and fit. Enforced with sponge backing, you can't go wrong. Furthermore, it adds longevity to your original car seats. BDK licensed design seat covers 2 layers of fabric - durable Anti color fade tech - retain original color Protect your seat in original condition.

Not Sure About Your Fit? - Check to Ensure:

Your Front Seats are not attached to the mid console

Your Front Seats do not have integrated (attached to the seat itself) Seat Belts


Front Bucket Seat (Bottom): 23" W x 18" L

Front Bucket Seat (Top): 24" W x 34" L

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