$ 11.99

 In Every Pack:

  • 1) 40-pack All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes. Applicable for upholstery, dashboard and interior use
  • 2) Little Tree Air Freshener
  • 3) 16" x 12" UltraSoft Microfiber Cloth Towel
  • 4) 15-pack litter bag replacements
  • 5) 25" x 17" Absorb 'N Dry Chamois - Reusable Drying Cloth

1st Month:

  • Litter Can
  • Microfiber Duster w/ Handle


*Seasonal and other gifts are sent every 3 months.

Last Gift: Winter Set - 3pc Rubber Floor Mats


The idea behind the subscription pack is to refill the necessities we all need to keep our vehicles clean. You will always receive the items as depicted on the subscription pack pages. ** On rare occasion, a manufacturer may change packaging or another feature, in which case we may have to accommodate a change. Any such instances will result in a company-wide email notification to every customer. For instance recently we switched from "1up" wipes to "Auto-Brite" wipes due to availability issues.


Gift Items

3 Yearly Gifts are included for April, August and December packs. *Yearly Gifts are only applicable for customers who have been active for 3 months prior to the gift month.

Free Shipping

We ship out the first week of ever month so expect your pack between the 7th and 12th.

Serious Convenience

Don't worry about restocking or running out to the store. Everything you need to maintain a clean. neat vehicle comes every month right to your door!

No Hassle, No Fuss

There is NO cancellation charge and you can cancel at anytime!

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