Motor Trend "Auto Armor" Outdoor Car Cover All Weather Protection Waterproof 3 Layers - Lock Included (5 Size)

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MultiLayer All Weather Protection

     Designed for four-season defense against rain, UV rays, tree sap, bird bombs and more. 2 year warranty included.

  • Breathable fabric fights off rot, mildew and corrosion
  • Complete water proof
  • Inner layer is paint-safe. It won't scratch paint
  • Comes with one FREE secure lock and storage bag
  • Secure lock keep your cover in place, even in strong winds
  • 2 year warranty
Size Guide Measurement
Small Fits up to L:157" x W:65" x H:47"
Medium Fits up to L:170" x W:65" x H:47"
Large Fits up to L:190" x W:70" x H:47"
XL Fits up to L:210" x W:75" x H:47"
XXL Fits up to L:228" x W:80" x H:49"


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