Towel Seat Cover (Gray Trim)

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This product is perfect for those who want to keep their car seat clean and dry when wet and driving. The top absorbs some moisture and the bottom is waterproof. 

  • Easy Slip on & Clip Installation - Keep Your Seat Free from Sweat, Dirt, Mud & More
  • Convenient Protection for Athletes & Casual Outdoors Activities Including Yoga, Running, Swimming, Hiking, Sports, Dirty Jobs & More
  • Rolls Up To Minimal Size for Easy Compact Storage
  • Bacteria-Resistant, Odor-Free Fabric Provides Comfort & Protection
  • Machine Washable - Non-Skid Backing Prevents Slippage

The popular product protects your seat/seat covers from unwanted liquids, moisture, and sweat. 

Top is a polyester blend and the bottom is a rubberized material keeping your seat dry.

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