BDK Nissan Replica Style Hubcaps OEM 15" Wheel Covers 4 Pieces Full Set

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Hubcaps are built to take the abuse of the road, which means that they are tough and can stand up to most conditions. However, since they are in contact with road hazards, there may come a time when you end up with a damaged hubcap. Your wheels should look as good as the rest of your Nissan, so replace worn out hubcaps. This set of BDK Nissan replica style hubcaps are 15” OEM wheel covers. You get a full set of four hubcaps. Replica hubcaps are designed to be just like the factory caps. You get a perfect fit and style that matches your vehicle. These aftermarket hubcaps are made from high-quality ABS plastic, which makes them resistant to rust and harsh weather. They come with four retention rings and are double notched for a secure fit. No tools are necessary to fit these on your vehicle; all you need to know is the diameter of your RIM – not the wheel.

In addition to these Nissan hubcaps, carries replacement hubcaps for other makes and models like these BDK 2000-2001 Toyota Camry replica set of four hubcaps with a silver finish. We have a large selection of low priced specialty accessories for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

When you order your replica hubcaps from us, we provide you with free shipping in the continental US, free returns, and a price match plus $2 guarantee. Make your Nissan exterior like new again by ordering new hubcaps today. Please see below picture to learn how to check rim diameter.

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