Tan and Black Stripes Zebra Print Car Floor Mat Gift Set

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Premium Material and Unique Designs from BDK. Get this Holiday Discounted Gift Set now before stock runs out - discounted holiday clearance sale!

Let the interior of your car show some wild style with this stylish Tan and Black Stripes Zebra BDK Safari 4pc set!

Patterned polyester fabric has a texture imitating short fur making the enjoyable to touch. Durable floor mats have a core of sturdy rubber and a full nipped PVC backing which prevents slipping and sliding.

When the mats capture dirt or spills that would otherwise soil your car's flooring, they can be easily removed for vacuuming or deep cleaning with soap and water. Add some colorful whimsy to your car while protecting its carpet from wear and tear.

The front mats are 26 x 17 inches and the rear mats are 13 x 17 inches. These soft carpet floor mats will protect your floor from debris and spills.

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