Motor Trend "Diamond Ridge" Rubber Car Floor Mats & Liner Set 4 Piece- 100% Odorless, All Weather Protection (3 Color)

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BDK MT-813-811 Series Mats

High Quality Material - Minimal Maintenance - BDK Guarantee

     BDK USA Quality Item. The MT-813-811 combo series mats are designed with your TRUCKS SUV VANS auto care in mind. The uniquely constructed linear and diagonal ridges are placed strategically to maximize the dirt trapping capabilities of this 4-Piece 4-row mats.

Keep your Interior Safe from Damaging Dust, Dirt, Dander and the wear your car faces from daily use.We Provide the Highest Quality in the Competitive Market

     MT-813-811 Combo Series mats by BDK are constructed of the highest quality of rubber polymer unlike our competitor's copied versions. This hi-tech material allows the mat to be easily molded and it gives it the flexibility to accommodate your daily wear and tear. Furthermore, it adds longevity to your car flooring protection. Trim to your liking and customize your mats with your TRUCKS SUV VANS.

All Weather Design - Traps Loose Dirt, Mud and Water

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