BDK Hunting Camo Seat Covers - 2 Front Seat Protection Low Back Seat Built in Seat Belt Armrest Opening Airbag Safe

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BDK Hunting Camo Seat Covers

Reinforced Sponge Backing gives an extra layer of comfort - show off and ride in comfort while protecting your seats from damage, stains and discoloration.

The BDK AUTO Seat Cover features innovative fabric and design for both fashion and fit.

Snug fitting silky smooth velour enhances comfort while adding longevity to your original car seats.

Hassle-free installation.

Enjoy these remarkable Hunting Camo Seat Covers for yourself or give it as a gift. Hunting Camo Seat Covers from BDK are made with silky smooth velour which provides fine simulated fur detail.This set is easily fitted for standard seats and lined with foam padding for that extra cushion comfort. Includes: 2 Front Seat Cover and 2 head rests. 

When you go hunting next time, protect your seat with our Hawg Camouflage Seat Covers. 3mm extra cushion provides you the maximum comfort even during off road driving.The product include total 4 piece set for TWO car seats (driving and passenger).This seat cover fits almost perfectly with truck ( ex. F-150, Silverado, Ridgline, RAM 1500, Tacoma, and etc.)

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