BDK "Chevron" Design Car Seat Covers - Full Set (3 Color)

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BDK 9 Piece Chevron Design Complete Set

Made from durable Anti-fading coloring fabric with padding for extra comfort 

Enjoy this elegant Black and White Chevron 11 piece matching set while protecting your vehicle against spill, stains, dirt and other debris.

Hassle-free installation

The knitted velour is crafted seamlessly to create a stretchy and strong fabric, which is soft to the touch and comfortable for the rider. This rich feel is backed with foam padding to provide enhanced comfort all while riding in style.

Your full 9pc interior kit includes: 2 Front Seat Covers (3pc each- seat, back, and headrest), 1 Rear Bench Cover (2pcs split top and bottom). This set is easily fitted for standard seats and lined with foam padding for that extra cushion comfort.

Made of durable and real soft fur fabric with 3mm foam. Protects your car seats against spills, dirt and daily wear. The material is 100% washable and breathable. Universal-fit seat covers designed to fit most modern vehicles. Everyone wants their car's interior to be comfortable and stylish. Whether you are driving the brand new leased car of your dreams, or a well worn, reliable transportation vehicle, BDK Seat Covers can help make your ride more enjoyable. They complement the style of the interior and protect the original seats from wear to help your newer car keep it's value. For the car that is starting to show a little wear and tear, Seat Covers can make the seats look new again. They also offer you the chance for you to personalize the interior with fashionable colors, materials and styles.

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