BDK "Eco-Tech" 100% Odorless Steering Wheel Covers (Beige)

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BDK "Eco-Tech" 100% Odorless Steering Wheel Covers

     You spend all of your driving time with your hands on the steering wheel, so you need something that is comfortable to grip and does not make your hands sweat. A steering wheel cover also helps keep your hands warm in the winter. It will protect your factory wheel from peeling and cracking by removing its exposure to the sun.

     This is a BDK “ECO-TECH” steering wheel cover in beige. It is 100% odorless. Most of the steering wheel covers on the market have an odor to them due to a mixed rubber ring. The odor can cause headaches. With the ECO-TECH, you won't have that problem. This steering wheel cover stands up to use because it is double stitched at the seams and has been manufactured from durable vinyl and soft leatherette. This one is a universal fit on 14.5” to 15.5” wheels and is easily installed because of its slip-on design.

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Specification Detail
Variations Available in 3 colors: Black, Beige, Gray
Size 15 Inch Diameter
Warranty Full Warranty for 1 Year

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