Motor Trend ProSleek Synthetic Leather Steering Wheel Cover Black w/ Red Metallic Ring Standard Size

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Motor Trend ProSleek Synth Leather

     Upgrade your vehicle's interior with Motor Trend's ProSleek Steering Wheel Cover! Crafted with smooth, leather-like material, this soft steering wheel wrap not only enhances your driving comfort, but adds a stylish look to your interior.

     This black premium vinyl material is accented with a metallic streak and stitching around the entire cover, creating a one-of-a-kind custom look to your car!

Available in metallic blue, metallic red and silver.

     Whether you are hiding existing damage or preventing harmful UV rays from warping your steering wheel, Motor Trend's ProSleek Steering Wheel Cover will update the appearance of your vehicle's interior! As always, our products are backed by a 30-day warranty.

Installation: 1) Begin by measuring your steering wheel to ensure a correct fit.

2) Take the steering wheel cover and hold it up to your steering wheel, noticing where the top, bottom, and sides of the cover are located. With some steering wheel covers, there will be stitching located at the bottom.

3) Align the bottom of the cover with the bottom of your steering wheel and press it over, wrapping it around the bottom portion of the wheel.

4) Moving up, around the steering wheel, continue pulling the cover over the wheel.

5) Once the cover is on, adjust for proper alignment.

6) Enjoy your new steering wheel cover!

Note: **You can use a blow dryer on high heat to soften the leather. This will make it easier to stretch it around your steering wheel.

Specification Detail
Size 15 Inch Diameter
Warranty Full Warranty for 1 Year

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